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The king of the Roadsters. Now with polished alloy fenders, a threadless headset, wrapped grips, and a laboriously perfected metallic paint you just won't get anywhere else. Key Bike Features: - Custom-designed rear rack - Vegan leather grips with polished alloy lock-on end caps - Touring saddle - Alloy kickstand
Travel the neighborhood and beyond on the elegant, feminine, and independent heritage Dutchi 7i. With 7 speeds, a comfortable seat, and a rear rack, there’s no limit to the destinations ahead. Key Bike Features: - Hand-stitched genuine leather-wrapped grips - Comfort vegan leather saddle with springs - Reliable and low-maintenance 7-speed internal gears for easy shifting - Reflective tire wall to greatly enhance your visibility at night - Mid-century alloy bell and kickstand
With a nod to the classic Dutch city bikes from which it takes its name, the Linus Dutchi 3 is an ideal vehicle for all your two-wheeled trips. From the office to the grocer, the Dutchi's beautiful steel frame and 3-speed internal drivetrain offer an easy, comfortable ride with an upright position so you can sit up and watch the world cruise by. The comfy saddle and genuine leather grips look as good as they feel. Light aluminum wheels with wide, versatile tires make the most of every pedal stroke. And, the Dutchi sports full fenders and a rear rack, too!
This sporty ride is a timeless classic with its signature diagonal line. The Mixte frame first appeared at the dawn of women's lib, when stylish French women were racing alongside the men and arguing ideas with the same conviction. Key Bike Features: - Reliable and low-maintenance 3-speed internal gears for easy shifting - Hand-stitched genuine leather-wrapped grips - Touring saddle - Front and rear reflectors to greatly enhance your visibility at night - Painted steel fenders with retro brackets
Fun, fast and affordable, the Pixel is a hassle-free fixed gear/single speed bicycle designed and built by Fyxation for the everyday rider. The Pixel has an upright design that makes it ideal for sliding through traffic, commuting to work or simply cruising around campus. Amazing looks + amazing value for the win!
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