Why Ride?

  1. It's time to get kids riding. In just one generation:
    • The percentage of U.S. kids who walk or bike to school has dropped by 70%.
    • Childhood obesity has tripled. Centers for Disease Control

  2. Bicycle commuting beats sitting in traffic.
    • Each U.S. rush-hour auto commuter spends an average of 50 hours a year stuck in traffic. Texas Transportation Institute
    • This costs the U.S. more than $63 billion in lost productivity and wasted fuel.EPA/USDOT’s Best Workplaces for Commuters Briefing, 2005

  3. More cycling means less dependence on foreign oil.
    • 10% of global oil production goes toward fueling America’s cars and trucks.Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
    • The U.S. could save 462 millions of gallons of gasoline a year by increasing cycling from 1% to 1.5% of all trips. Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Bike Traffic, May 2002

  4. Riding a bike is cheaper than driving a car.
    • On a commute of 10 miles, bicyclists save roughly $7.50 and spare the air ½ pound of carbon monoxide emissions. They also burn 350 calories! SmartTrips
    • Based on gas prices of about $3/gallon, the annual cost of owning, operating, and driving a passenger car roughly 15,000 miles is nearly $11,000. (It costs roughly $120 a year to maintain a bike.) American Automobile Association

  5. Biking can help you live longer.
    • Just three hours of bicycling per week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%. League of American Bicyclists

  6. Bicycling is good for the economy.
    • The U.S. bicycle industry sold $6.2 billion in bicycles and equipment (retail value) in 2005. National Sporting Goods Association